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We are all in sales from the time we can communicate, when we were babies we cried to get what we needed, it's was food or please change me.  Understanding the property, features good, bad, and ugly is important, YES!  Understanding the people you are working with is far more important Real Estate is a people business and by better understanding people, you will get more business, referrals, and close more sales!

*  Why they buy is more important the how to sell!

*  How to get referrals - using the predictability of B.A.N.K.™

*  How to create customers for LIFE!

*  People before Profits


*  Why they should hire YOU!


In this training, you will learn the process of engaging with your potential new client as the expert, serving them is your top priority.  By teaching you a system we use to build relationships and rapport faster than you ever thought possible, sign more contracts.

Understanding the seller(s) just as much as the real property, we teach you how to research the potential clients.

*  How to know what's important to the seller(s) in less than 90-seconds or before your listing appointment.

*  Why & how the seller(s) makes a buying or important life decision

*  Understanding your competition

*  Effective communication with your seller(s) using B.A.N.K.™ 

*  How to get the contract signed!

Awarded in 2018 the "Exceptional Woman of Excellence"  in the category of

"Engineering Change by Engaging Communities & Empowering Communication" 


In this training, No one WIN'S if somebody loses!  As a Broker, in my opinion, my job is not to beat up a seller or a buyer, it is to pay/sell the fair market value of the property.  If a buyer gets a deal and the seller is OK with the deal then, no problem. The same being said to the buyer if the buyer chooses to overpay for a property (with the Bank's blessing) then again, no problem.  

*  Master the ART/Science of Negotiations

*  Understand the WIN-WIN process

*  Become an Expert Negotiator

*  Understanding the other parties involved

*  Using Personality Methodology Science

As a North Carolina Real Estate broker, I choose to train Real Estate associates instead of hanging my license with a firm.  I am an expert in communication and negotiations, training Real Estate Professionals is a passion, how to land more listings, have a better transaction process, and to negotiate with a Win-Win attitude.  My expertise since 1996 is in residential land development for sub-divisions, I'm a multi-million dollar sales associate in the residential real estate market.  I was a six-figure income earner in the residential real estate sales arena, selling single-family homes - 4 family units.  I was the go-to agent for the 203K and VA projects with the home buying process.  All business is a people business, especially in regards to the residential real estate market, communication is the key to a successful, uneventful real estate transaction.  Teaching Real Estate agents how to implement B.A.N.K.™ to have a more predictable result giving them the flexibility to expand their expertise.

Jeanne Zierhoffer


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