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Jeanne Zierhoffer



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☛ Jeanne Zierhoffer

"Leading Business Owners in Implementing Strategies for Infinite Success"

How to Listen & Look for clues to build faster rapport, & better relationships.

Authentic, Strategic Results-Driven Business Consultant, & Coach!

► Jeanne Zierhoffer has often been called the "IMPLEMENTATION QUEEN" with her work with organizations and successful business owners, she is able to break down tasks and guide people with implementing success strategies, all while integrating new learnings with integrity and intentional immersion of information.

►Authentic, Inspiring, Systematic, and Tenacious, are words that have been used to describe me as a compassionate business owner, that is making a significant difference in people and businesses alike.  Helping others with effective communication and building rapport and relationships to collaborate in the most ethical way possible. 

►Leadership drives everything, I learned that being a leader of leaders, what leadership truly means for me and my community is, " Learn - DO - Teach",  we support others to do the same.  Working as a team to create a better world in our circle of expertise.  My mission: Each One – Reach One – Teach One; To speak, train, and teach globally, to assist businesses through learning processes, systems, and technology, to create a sustainable business, and to have more time freedom.  How to overcome life’s obstacles while maintaining their family first, it’s the balance of life, either work or play, how to BALANCE and have it all!  

► Other companies in this field give only little value (mostly online) and focus on up-selling, making it impossible to ethically and authentically put any of the information to use. However, it is easy for the teams we train to remember and apply the prepared strategies and valuable information to their line of work for their teams. 

Professional Training, Coaching & Consulting

International Award-Winning Speaker

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Author of "Standing In My Power - Even When I'm Shaking In My Shoes" 

Boston, MA, Jeanne Dervan Zierhoffer, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership, and excellence in her career as a Real Estate Broker for over 20 years. I was a residential real estate sales leader in the Boston Mass. area, for over 15+ years. Training new sales associates became a passion, training associates on the code of ethics, good business practices & how to communicate effectively. I was also a long-time member of the National Association of Realtors & Massachusetts Association of Realtors. 

Jeanne Zierhoffer

​Women Speaker Association




Mission: Each One – Reach One – Teach One


*  Award-winning International Speaker

*  Proud Mother of 2 Young Men

*  Married to John (I've known him since we were born) ask for the details

*  Awardee of the Nurturing ICON @ Codebreaker Technologies 2020 - Present


*  Proud Nana 

*  Elderly Advocate for my Dad!

*  Gardening - building flower beds

*  I LOVE to laugh!

*  I used to race cars

*  I love animals

​*  My husband is the crazy cat lady  (6 cats)

Jeanne Zierhoffer

Past President - Mint Hill/Matthews

Toastmasters International