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Mission: Each One – Reach One – Teach One

Family First​

Today in this world, especially our women, and I am really passionate about women because I am a strong woman! Connecting with women understanding the struggle between living their true mission and passion, while not leaving behind or putting on the "back burner" your family.

Women in the world are really starting to come into their power now, and that is where I believe I can help them excel!  I teach, train, and support you on Leading by example – while still maintaining your family life, to women & men around the world who really need to hear this, no guilt, for living your passion, finding your mission and voice, you will still be an amazing mother, sister, wife or daughter and lead by example. 

Helping women and men step into their power and find their voice and mission, as I mentioned before, back in 2016, anyone that knew me knew I was afraid to get on stage, I hadn’t found my voice or understood my mission yet.  Now that I have my passion and mission is to help others find their mission, and vision, especially women, and still put their families first.

How do I do this…I Have them embrace the possibilities of living their mission while maintaining the family's first balance and struggle, with processes, agreements, exercises, systems, and support!

Addiction isn’t only drugs, there are many forms of addiction or obstacles.

“Your addiction could be you are fearful for your family and that it paralyzes you to move forward”, or “are you the care-taker who takes on every bodies problem”, and you are in that mode, which leaves you no time for your passion and could cause health issues.  

​STEP 1:

Make a decision, that you are going to make an alliance or agreement with yourself to live your passion, find your mission, and voice
 it’s really that simple.  Learn More or to get a copy of this agreement, contact me.


​ Be Inspired to be fearless!

You may be experiencing fear, however, it is a choice to accept or deny. Even when I was facing debilitating and crippling fear, no one ever seemed to know, be strong, fear is in the internal gaging system for your safety, "it thinks" it is helping you.

I was once a survivor battling with drug addiction in the late '80s, I am now a model example of a life-long learner, influencer, and leader. However, after overcoming some HUGE obstacles, including being stuck in A.A. and unable to move out of recovery into actually living life.

I will walk you through the anguish of addiction to recovery and what it was like in the late '80s & early '90s. You have NO idea what is really like to be judged, what number 567 means.  Today, I stand proud knowing that with every breath and every step I am helping people get to where they want and deserve to go in there life.

"The harshest judgment is the one we place on ourselves", we start there, you will probably laugh, gasp, and cry when you hear my entire story.