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Mission: Each One – Reach One – Teach One

Jeanne Zierhoffer


COURSE OUTLINE:  Leading by Example & Balancing your Life’s Purpose:

I have had the TENACITY, WILL & ability to overcome addiction not only to drugs, and alcohol, and I also overcame the addiction of being paralyzed by FEAR of leaving the 12-step program. Once I realized that I was being brainwashed with FEAR I stepped out of recovery and, I started LIVING LIFE! 

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 19.7 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled a substance use disorder in 2017.

There are a lot of people struggling with addiction today, and I am committed to spreading the good news with my program.   Helping people step into their power and find their mission, purpose, and vision, as I mentioned in my video in 2016, anyone that knew me, knew I was afraid to get on stage, I hadn’t found my voice or understood my mission yet and now that I have my passion is to help others find their voice and their mission, especially women.

How do I do this…I Have YOU embrace YOUR possibilities of living YOUR mission while maintaining the family's 1st balance and the obstacles that may be in your way!

Addiction isn’t only to drugs…

“Your addiction or obstacle could be you are fearful for your family and that it paralyzes you to move forward”, or “are you the care-taker who takes on other people’s problems”, and you are in that mode, which leaves you no time for your passion and could cause health issues.  In these, we will talk about leading by example doing what you say you’re going to do, and the ability to hold yourself accountable first, because if you don’t, they will know, they will feel it and smell it, and you will be out of integrity with yourself and with them.  Leadership is about being real; it’s about being raw, being your authentic self.

The reason I am leading this IS, this is how I live my life, family first, however, I am still living my passion which is to assist you in finding your voice and your mission and have family balance. In this video series, I am going to give you steps to assist you to move forward and give you tools and processes to implement into your business with purpose… Does this sound like something you want to have in your LIFE? 

Leading by Example & Balancing your Life’s Purpose:

Do you have a burning desire in you?  Longing to fulfill your life’s purpose & mission?


This is a course to assist you in navigating your life to fulfill your mission, vision, and purpose and bring to LIFE, no matter what your current “circumstances” look like.
Let’s get started!


As a mother, daughter, sister, wife, mentor, coach, and business owner, I found a consistent pattern for myself and my clients, it is obstacles!  How do we navigate to get to our mission and vision without leaving our family and obligations behind? Overcoming obstacles that you think are in your way!

Start where you are? 

Clear on where you are, it doesn’t matter age, country, gender, or addiction. What matters is that you want to do something about it and don’t know how – that’s where I come in!
Make a Decision:

To go for your Mission, Vision, and goals (work on this throughout)

Making agreements with ourselves and holding ourselves accountable. I will be giving you a contract to fill in as an assignment.
Do you know your mission?

Let’s start, with how to figure that out with processes, just a bullet point for now, if you already have a mission, that ok.
Self-discovery session:

Connecting some dots
What have you done in your life so far?

Job’s, Mom. Dad, Care-taker
Your message?

Is a living, breathing evolving message, as you grow and work towards your vision, your message may change, however, it will be aligned with your life’s purpose.
Overcoming Obstacles:

Life is about obstacles and navigating over and around them, your past doesn’t define your future

How to write and repeat a powerful affirmation that will support your mission and life’s purpose.
Who are you and what are your core values? 

Exercise on your true values and how they show up for you, and how to use them to your advantage, in a good win, win, win way.
Time restraints Clearing your path: 

How do we understand time, how do we choose who and what gets our time?  How do we stay on track?
Family first: 

As a caretaker for years taking care of my Mom, Mother In-law, and now my Dad while being a wife and Mom to 2 teenage young men.  This is where the rubber meets the road and your mission must be clear!

Being in the right place at the right time, I believe in manifestation, however, ACTION must be taken, understanding the difference, and bringing it together.
Are you listening to yourself? 

What does it sound like?  We all have voices, some positive some negative, let’s clear the negative “monkey chatter” and add more positive self-talk.
Are you present? 

Just because you are in the same room as me doesn’t mean you are present, engage, and be present, let's put the distraction away. 
Next steps to greatness: 

Now that you have your Mission & vision you’ve scheduled that time to put it together, where do you go from here?
Mission, Vision, Voice, and purpose: Let’s look at WHO you serve and how to get in front of them to let them know how you could serve them.