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Mission: Each One - Reach One - Teach One. To speak, train, and teach globally to assist women & men, I am especially connected to women, through processes, systems, agreements, affirmations, and support, to help them find their mission, purpose, and voice while maintaining their family first, it's about how to balance & have it ALL!

Living Your Life's Purpose 8-week program: $1497.00


​Leading by example – Balancing your life’s purpose:

There is a lot of people struggling with addiction today, and I am committed to spreading the good news with my program. 

I went from drinking and drugging morning, noon, and night which took me to some very dark places.  To a Rehab center after hitch-hiking at 5 AM on Thanksgiving Eve morning, with no shoes on, I mini skirt and a tank top with a fur coat, it was November in New England, it was cold out.  When I say dark places, I am mean horrifying dark places.  I knew at this point that drugs were going to kill me, there were NO beds at any of the rehabs within a 100-mile radius, I begged my parents to let me come stay with them until a bed opened up at rehab.  Two long days of misery and a 48 meeting marathon where I shook, puked, rattle, and rolled, I didn’t drink or use drugs.  A bed opened and that is when I started my recovery program, YAY, I am clean and sober.

I went to meetings to stay sober at 6 AM, then I went to work, 12 PM during lunch, back to work, 5 PM, or 7 PM every day for many years.  Let me ask you, does that look like a wonderful life?   It was not, I was not living life, I was existing, it was horrible, I had now become addicted to meetings, UGH!  How do I find my purpose, is this it?  There must be more, I went searching to find my true purpose in life which is evolving as I grow.   My years of experience investment to myself of over $100K in personal & professional growth, I share with you!  How to get to where you want to go, what’s your GENIUS?  We will find it and implement it, bringing your Vision to LIFE!

Today in this world, especially our woman, and I am really passionate about the women, since I am a strong woman!   Leading by example – Balancing your life’s purpose, not just India, however, women around the world really need to hear this, no guilt, for living your passion, you will still be an amazing mother, sister, wife, or daughter and lead by example.  Helping women step into their power and find their mission, purpose, and vision, as I mentioned in my video in 2016, anyone that knew me, knew I was afraid to get on stage, I hadn’t found my voice or understood my mission yet and now that I have my passion is to help others find their voice and their mission, especially women.

How do I do this…I Have YOU embrace YOUR possibilities of living YOUR mission while maintaining the family's 1st balance and the obstacles that may be in your way!

Addiction isn’t only drugs…

“Your addiction or obstacle could be you are fearful for your family and that it paralyzes you to move forward”, or “are you the care-taker who takes on other people’s problems”, and you are in that mode, which leaves you no time for your passion and could cause health issues.  

In these sessions, I am teaching about leading by example doing what you say you’re going to do, the ability to hold yourself accountable first, because if you don’t, they will know, they will feel it and smell it, you will be out of integrity with yourself and with them.  Leadership is about being real; it’s about being raw, being your authentic self.

The reason I am leading this IS, this is how I live my life, family first, however, I am still living my passion that is to assist you in finding your voice and your mission and have family balance. In this video series, I am going to give you steps to assist you to move forward and give you tools and processes to implement into your business with purpose… Does this sounds like something you want to listen to you, JOIN THIS CLASS!