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Mission: Each One – Reach One – Teach One

"StandING in MY power, - Even If WHEN I'm shaking in MY shoes" 

Start where you are? 

lear on where you are, it doesn’t matter age, country, gender, or which addiction. What matters is that you want to do something about it and don’t know how – that’s where I come in!
Make a Decision:

To go for your Mission, Vision, and goals (work on this throughout)

Making agreements with ourselves and holding ourselves accountable. I will give you a contract to fill in as an assignment.
Do you know your mission?

Let’s start, how to figure that out with processes, just a bullet point for now, if you already have a mission, that ok.
Self-discovery session: Connecting some dot’s
What have you done in your life so far?

Job’s, Mom. Dad, Care-taker
Your message?

Is a living, breathing evolving message, as you grow and work towards your vision, your message may change, however, it will be aligned with your life’s purpose.
Overcoming Obstacles:

Life is about obstacles and navigating over and around them, Your past doesn’t define your future

How to write and repeat a powerful affirmation that will support your mission and life’s purpose.
Who are what are your core values? 

Exercise on your true values and how that shows up for you, how to use it to your advantage.
Time restraints Clearing your path: 

How do we understand time, how do we choose who and what gets our time?  How do we stay on track?
Family first: 

As a care-taker for years taking care of my Mom, Mother In-law, and now my Dad while being a wife and Mom to 2 teenage young men.  This is where the rubber meets the road and your mission must be clear!

Being in the right place at the right time, I believe in manifestation, however, ACTION must be taken, understanding the difference, and bring it together.
Are you listening to yourself? 

What does it sound like?  We all have voices, some positive some negative, let’s clear the negative “monkey chatter” and add more positive self-talk.
Are you present? 

Just because you are in the same room as me doesn’t mean you are present, engage, and be present, let's put the distraction away. 
Next steps to greatness: 

Now that you have your Mission & vision you’ve scheduled that time to put it together, where do you go from here?
Mission, Vision, Voice, and purpose: Let’s look at WHO you serve and how to get in front of them to let them know how you could serve them.

​​Jeanne is a Corporate Trainer - Consultant - Coach - Speaker & Author

But not too long ago I was a drug addict struggling to get clean, nowhere to turn but A.A. or N.A. although these programs saved my life, they killed my spirit & put FEAR into me.  I am not putting down 12 step programs, I am speaking my truth and mine only!   

I am writing my book regarding my crazy path from being a drug addict to recovery, then stuck for years.  Today, as a result of years of self-development, personal & professional development training programs, I am able to move forward and take back my identity! 

"Stand In My Power - Even When I'm Shaking In My Shoes"  

This is what you will learn by reading my book.  The perspective is from a disempowered woman who took back control of her life.  This book is not written in the EGO it is written out of pain and the judgment of others, I thought.  My hope for this book is to teach you that the power is within all of us, we all have intellectual property.