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Mission: Each One – Reach One – Teach One

Connect the dots, if you were connecting the dots in the right way a picture would be created,  however, if you connect the dots incorrectly what happens to the picture?  Nothing it is a mess.  We need to connect your departments in your business to get to the picture.

Quick story, a landscape company that we did consult, coached, and trained for them, and we overhauled their website, email marketing, etc.  We spoke with their sales department, marketing department, and customer service department, separately, and these were our findings. The sales team had a couple of estimates for large landscape jobs. When I spoke with the salesperson, I asked him if that included the free fire pit in the quote, if the customer knew about their offer.    Unfortunately, the salesperson had no idea what the business was promoting and it skewed the estimate given, the customer was aware and did not appreciate the lack of communication, no deal.

This is a consistent problem with almost every company I have encountered, the great news is that it is fixable.  Usually, within your business's budget, we coach and train your business on how to effectively communicate internally for better results externally.  Together we worked on internal effective communication, their website communication, and their marketing, and got the whole team or teams working as one team! Implementing my systems and expertise, with personality methodology and NLP.

In a few short months, we got their acquisition of a client from $380 per acquisition - down to $90 per acquisition and stayed within their budget.


We train & grow businesses with a step-by-step plan & processes:  
We work with the entire business as one team:  "Team Building" will require implement of gamification, but that's only the beginning, each department must be integrated.  

If you want real sustainable growth in your business the "Team Building" must go way deeper than that. Each team or department is like a cog in a machine and if one cog is broken the machine stops and so does your business.  Real Business growth is an inside job, I hear closing more sales, firing the boss, or hiring more people, it's not the usual answer.   
Breed competent leaders within your current structure, by creating winning relationships internally.

We must integrate the entire business, to be ONE entire team (or machine).  Learning how to effectively communicate internally will give predictable results.  Showing the big picture of your business will give an opportunity for employee contribution and winning teams!

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Complex problem-solving and critical thinking are crucial to business growth.  What does it really mean for your business?

It means you have to evolve with your marketplace, sales aren't selling, and if you are doing the hard sell, you should rethink your sales funnel.  We train the sales team to build faster rapport, and better relationships, earning trust to close more sales, it's all about the big picture.  When you implement our people-focused and profit-driven system with your existing structure you will get a higher ROI.

Marketing has also changed; who is your perfect client? 

Let's figure that out together with my MAP session with your business leaders, vision, and mission.

Team Building is a word that seems to be around a lot these days, every person I meet is a team-building coach or consultant. Every team is different and without meeting each department or team member, there is no one size fits all plan.  There have a  system and process, however,  it can not be determined until we do a blueprint analysis with the entire team utilizing our state-of-the-art technology. 

expand & grow your business

It starts with understanding who exactly you are looking for in the hiring process. What contribution and significance will they bring to your team? What are you looking for on that team, Growth, Stability, Expertise, or Action it makes a big difference.  I will train your HR department on how to implement a simple system to help with hiring the right person the first time.

When speaking to HR, most seem to use job descriptions - that match a resume... Great in theory, but their values are the KEY to having sustainable employee retention.  True leadership is a leader that breeds leaders to beat or meet their goals and has the leaders standing beside them, not following them.