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Have you ever been sitting in a presentation or training event when you feel that glaze over and Charlie Brown's teacher is all you can hear talking? Do you do presentations or training and your audience has the deer in the headlight look? 

I work with speakers, trainers, and presenters to assist them to engage and connect better with their audience or customer. We work together on their presentation & delivery so that your audience will absorb the information you are conveying. You will build faster rapport & build better relationships during your presentation. Which in turn will close more sales and earn you more money! 

"Stand In Your Power - Even If You're Shaking In Your Shoes"
By Jeanne Zierhoffer

Incorporating my 28+ years of sales and marketing experience to enhance the lives of others through training. Working closely with business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs who are ready to explode their business. My presentation training will assist you and/or you're a company in achieving a concise and clear message with great success (not storytelling). Let your audience decide your presentation, I will teach you how to know your audience in 90 seconds or less.

We have the system designed to dramatically improve your sales presentations ROI. We will help you effectively communicate and accelerate your negotiations and close more sales!


   In business, we are clear and focused, with our client's objective being the number one priority.  PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT'S!

Most importantly what is the best outcome for our clients?  I am striving to assist companies to have FUN with their sales presentation.  Be a little bold and stand out from the competition,  do not take yourself too seriously.  At the end of the day, people want to be uplifted and inspired to work with your company.

Most every business has some type of presentation, you should be able to know who you are presenting too.  Our presentation & sales training will assist you with all types of presentations.  We work with the home party industry, corporate, online webinar's and also if you are applying for new job.  How much is it costing you, to not have your sales presentation reviewed & critiqued? 

Take a look at our sales presentation training programs & take your business to the next level & become an effective communicator!  

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Chris Widener co-author of the best-selling book Twelve Pillars with Jim Rohn.

Chris Widener & Jeanne Zierhoffer

Las Vegas NV - April 2016.

Business owners, sales professionals & entrepreneurs presentation and sales training in Charlotte NC.  Let your prospect determine your presentation with our amazing sales & presentation training & coaching.

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I just checked in to the hotel & I am getting ready for a 5-day live training event in Orlando FL.  If you are not haveing FUN in life or in your business, you are doing it wrong!

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